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Our partners;

 Cigala Saudi, Alsalhya Saudi. PPI pharma pharmaceutical industry group Saudi, pharma overseas Egypt, City pharma UAE

Bridging the access gap utilizing  Aspino regional network to partner with companies to seize the opportunity of entering the fastest-growing markets in the Region as MENA region will remain one of the fastest growing regions in the world over the next few years.


Aspino is a regional specialty company newly established to bridge the access gap and partner with global pharma and biotech companies to in-license and commercialize FDA or EMA/European approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions in the MENA region. providing multi-country access across a wide region with growing economies but complex regulations and access hurdles,

Open for collaboration: Our future strategy relies heavily on our strategic selection of people and successful global parterships.

Professional Team We are a team with a proven eminent regional track record in leading MN organizations and successful brands with high integrity.

Regulatory & Medical Capabilities We can lead the regulatory process from submission to approval and pricing, additionally we offer both scientific support and Pharmacovigilance to the medical community.

Commercial & Distribution Capabilities We optimize the potential commercial value of our licensed assets through our strategic and tactical capabilities in sales and marketing.

Ethics & Integrity We are committed to perform with integrity and according to local and international laws and regulations.